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Education board appointees appear at confirmation hearing

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - The Committee on Education, public library and women’s affairs met to hear testimony on the appointment of two members to the Guam Education Board and one member to the Guam Community College board of trustees. First up was the appointment of Kenneth Chargualaf as the Guam Education Board retired school administrator representative while testimony on his behalf supported his appointment he was described as egotistical, unreasonable and a slave driver. These comments although normally derogatory were used in a positive manner and according to Senator Rory Respicio “may be exactly what the board needs” end quote. Also appointed to the board is Charlene Concepcion who if confirmed will serve as the board’s parent representative. Concepcion is the mother of seven children all of which are students in DOE. Testimony on her behalf described her as an asset to the board garnering support from GEB member Maria Gutierrez. Concepcion says her appointment will “bridge the gap between the parent teacher association, the board and the governor. Meanwhile Senator Respicio did question the appointment of both Chargualaf and Concepcion by the governor asking who’s interest would be represented when it came to education the interest of the administration or the governor. Both Chargualaf and Concepcion assured that their appointment would be in the best interest of the students. Last to be heard was the re-appointment of Gina Ramos to GCC’s board of trustees. Testimony on her behalf favored her re-appointment and described her as diligent, ethical and supportive of the college’s mission. Ramos has served nine years on the board and if re-appointed will serve an additional five years.

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