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Diabetes Alert Day Fair set for March 29

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - Eating healthy and exercising are two components in diabetes prevention. Diabetes is a disease that does not discriminate by age or ethnicity and can affect anyone who does not take the necessary precautions to prevent it.

Guam Diabetes Prevention vice chair Gloria Mendiola told KUAM News, "Diabetes is having too much glucose in your blood stream and if you have much glucose in your blood stream this can cause many problems."

Diabetes affects the way a person's body uses the food we eat - most food we eat changes to glucose which is a form of sugar. And as your blood glucose rises our pancreas releases insulin. Normally our body maintains a balance of glucose and insulin, but when you have diabetes your body can't keep glucose in a healthy range and can cause many health problems. "Heart attack, stroke, circulation problems, kidney problems, eye disease and neuropathy," she added.

But Mendiola says preventing diabetes and the many other health risks is simple, saying, "It's out there its really simple being physically active eating more fruit and vegetables and just watching your fat intake."

Making a conscious choice to live a healthy lifestyle is only one aspect in being proactive. Educating yourself and availing yourself to diabetic screening can help ensure you are not at risk of being diabetic. Department of Public Health's Patrick Luces said, "We will be celebrating Diabetes Alert Day on March 29 that's coming this Saturday. March 26 is the celebration by American diabetes association this is our local effort here on Guam."

This Saturday at the Micronesia Mall from 10-2 pm individuals can have their blood pressure, blood glucose cholesterol, body mass index screened and foot exams. Luces adds that there will also be information regarding diabetes prevention and control of diabetes. 

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