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Organization seeks fundraising for abortion pamphlets

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - Just as the Department of Public Health prepares to print out informational material called for by the Women's Reproductive Health Information Act, the community based group funding the material is calling on the public's assistance. The Esperansa Project's Tim Rohr says the group volunteered to back the funding which is estimated at $9,400.

"We're appealing to the public to help us raise the money for this because we're just individuals like everybody else and we say abortion and the lives of mothers and children are everyone's responsibility, so you if you can help us do this, we're asking you to contribute to it," he said.

A majority of the funds will be used to pay for the licensing of the images used in the informational booklet with the rest to print 1,500 copies and the checklist. He says Kamalen Karidat will oversee the collection and disbursement of funds as they are a registered non-profit corporation and is engaged in pro-life counseling. Public Health meanwhile has spearheaded a committee tasked with reviewing the booklet and questionnaire that was finalized earlier this month. The law requires at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled abortion that physicians provide certain critical information related to the decision to undergo an abortion. For more information on how to donate go to

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