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Local marksman to compete in national shooting competition

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - Local shooter Dennis Larsen left island this morning to represent Guam in the U.S National Steel Challenge Championships held in Titusville, Florida. The competition will take place from the 20th-22nd. Larsen says there will be some of the best shooters in the world competing at the annual event.

Larsen told KUAM Sports, "The event is open to anyone who wants to go. And we do compete in the Philippines for the qualifier for the World Shoot. The World Shoot is going to be held in the same place in Florida in October and there will be shooters from Guam attending that so it's good to get the 671 out to that and represent and get Guam out there on the international competition map as far as competitive shooting goes. The Steel Challenge consists of 8 stages and those stages each have 5 plates and you get 5 runs at those 5 plates so it's basically speed shooting and at this match will be the fastest shooters in the world."

"The whole match itself is sponsored by Smith & Wesson and it consist of 8 courses and like I said each course has a different array of steel targets. You get 5 runs at the same 5 plates so technically you shoot 25 rounds if you are perfect and then they take you slowest time and throw it out. The whole match, all 8 courses are added up and at the end you have a single time and the object is to get that time as low as possible. The average course in what we shoot out here on Guam on the 5 targets, we have shooters in the 4 and 3 and a half second range. So you have to think about that, you are drawing the pistol and you are shooting hitting 5, 12 and 10 inch plates at varying distances all in 3 and a half seconds. So it's a pretty amazing sport to watch and it's even more fun to compete in and it's a great rush."

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