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Adelup concerned with bill

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The Governor's Office is raising concern over Bill 288 introduced last week. The measure was introduced by Senator Michael San Nicolas and Vice Speaker BJ Cruz and would suspend existing tax credit laws and revoke tax credits issued under the Tax Credit In Lieu of Cash Payment Program established over 30 years ago. The measure was introduced just as Cruz raised concern over tax credits being issued in lieu of payment for the Layon Landfill condemnation case.

Today, deputy press secretary Phil Leon Guerrero says everything that has been done under the issuance of tax credits by this administration has been supported and in accordance with the law. "So we're concerned that this is yet another, that instead of coming to the table and trying to find out how can we make this more responsible, how can we make this easier for the average tax payer to understand, how can we properly budget for this, (Senator Michael San Nicolas) again is just throwing up a roadblock into this whole process that's a concern of ours that we would have him rather be a partner in progress than stand in the way," he said.

It was last week when DOA director Benita Manglona confirmed tax credits were being issued to start making payments to the government's $31 million court ordered judgment to Layon landowners as every month the debt isn't paid it accrues interest.

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