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Women's Football League set with 4 teams

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Guam - Kicking off is the Women's Football League at the U.O.G Field this Saturday. 4 Teams make up the inaugural season in 11-man football.

Jacob Dowdell, WFL Commissioner, said, "I would like to invite everybody on Guam out this weekend to a wonderful game football between the Lady Falcons and the Lady Ruff Ryderz. 3:00 pm at the U.O.G Field, this is our first year for the WFL and I'm looking forward to a very hard fought game and we have 4 teams this year in the league. The Lady Ruff Ryderz, the Lady Falcons, Island Stunnerz and Sindalu. It's going to be a great time for everybody to come out and enjoy the game with a lot of family orientated fun."

Hitting the field in the leagues kick off game will be the Lady Falcons taking on the Ruff Ryderz. Dean Delgado, Ruff Ryderz coach said, "We have 32 players on our roster and out of the 32 4 of them are returnees from other teams the year prior to last year. Majority of them are new players and they are actually grasping the fundamentals of football. Their background is basically soccer, rugby and other sports but this being athletic they actually love the game of football for the first time putting on full gear, helmet and shoulder pads."

The newest team in the league will be the Lady Falcons from up north helped coached by yours truly.

Delgado added, "I'm real excited about this weekend, I have a female on my team who is deaf ad it's been really encouraging for the girl's to help her out and teach her the game. I also have 4 players who have actually played the game out of the 27 I have on my roster. Over all I just know this season is going to be a competitive one and I'm just using this as a learning tool for the women and hopefully it encourages more ladies to come out and participate in next year's season."

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