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Kim forces Misech to tap out in PXC 42 main event

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - Tyrone Jones and Josh Muna got PXC 42 underway with the first fight of the nght at the U.O.G Field House. Jones looked to be the more conditioned fighter as the fight went into the later rounds. Both fighters were feeling each other out with jabs and leg kicks. Tyrone Jones would secure top position when the fight went to the ground landing some shots. Muna would counter with high leg kicks to the head when the fight the fighters stood back up. Jones would secure the unanimous decision win behind a couple of late takedowns deep into the fight.

Shane Alvarez and Jay Tenorio put on a fast paced fight in the 125-pound division. The fight started off like a kickboxing match as both fighters countered one another in the stand up game. The two young contenders showcased their scrambling skills fighting off several near submission attempts. Jay Tenorio ended round 2 taking Alvarez's back and almost sinking in the rear naked choke. Alvarez was the more, busy fighter ending the fight with the split decision win.

Trevin Jones kept the pressure on Ricky Camp for 3 rounds in the 135-pound division. After a slow first round Ricky Camp came out using his kickboxing to prevent Jones from shooting in. Jones relentless on the takedowns managed to get Camp to the ground but Ricky was quick to get back up. Camp cut Jones after working his combinations. Trevin Jones put Ricky Camp up against the cage for majority of the fight for the split deceision win.

Roman Alvarez and Mkalne Alfred went the distance in a very technical match up. Alfred was in trouble early getting caught in the triangle but was able to fight his way through the submission attempt. Alvarez landed several staples to cut Mklane on the top of his head. Alfred fought strong and shook off numerous submission attempts by Alvarez. Mklane Alfred went to his wrestling and managed to take down Roman Alvarez throughout each round. Both guys very tricky on the ground reversing action on each scramble. Roman Alvarez stays undefeated with the unanimous decision win.

Hawaii's Kailin Curran and Korean Top Teams Yoojin Jung were in contention for fight of the night. From the sound of the bell Jung came out of her corner throwing everything she had backing up Curran at the start of the round. Kailin stay composed and fired back with shots of her own. The Hawaii fighter used her leg kicks t keep Jung from shooting in and picked her shots exchanging with her Korean opponent. Curran landed a solid shot to the midsection of Jung that stunned her and followed up with some punches. The fight went 3 tough rounds with neither fighter looking to take it to the ground. Curran's experienced paid off winning by unanimous decision.

Kyle Boom Reyes did all he could to try and finish Japan fighter Yasuke Yachi in their 145-pound fight. After cutting the Japan fighter over his eye Reyes looked to try and finish him off. Yasuke Yachi kept the distance and didn't allow Kyle to get comfortable with his hands and close the distance. Boom took the back of Yachi and almost sunk in the rear naked choke but couldn't squeeze it in. The Japan fighter kept his distance using the cage to his advantage and walked away with the unanimous decision win.

Frank the Crank Camacho faced the very experienced Keita Nakumura in the co-main event fight of PXC 42. Camacho dropped Nakumura to one knee after landing a big right hand. Keita pressed Frank against the cage forcing him to use a lot of his energy on preventing the takedown. Nakumura showed his strength continuously going in for the takedown. Nakumura would split Frank open with a cut as the 1st round came to an end. The last round saw Frank defend the takedown well and returned the favor cutting Nakumura open with a hard shot. As the 10 second count sounded off Frank the Crank Camacho turned it up hyping the crowd and walking away with the unanimous decision win.

In the main event fight of the night Hilo's Toby Misech looked good with his hands against the champion Jang Yong Kim. Kim seemed frustrated not being able to get his hands on Misech and take the fight to the ground. Toby used his hand speed to land several punches then back away from any danger. Misech buckled the champ early in the fight but couldn't follow up for the finish. Yang Yong Kim weathered the storm and landed a shot of his own that put the challenger down. Toby attempted to recover from the shot but would later get taken down. Once the fight went to the ground Kim showed his strength and pulled off the submission win after securing the Kimora, forcing Toby to tap.

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