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Acting speaker addresses tax refund lawsuit

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - A status hearing is set for tomorrow on the Guam Legislature's request for a declaratory judgment over how funds in the tax refunds account can be spent. The motion was filed by the Law Offices of John Terlaje which has raised concern by the republican minority. As we reported, Minority Leader Tony Ada said the lawsuit is unnecessary but also questioned why the majority is not using its legal counsel Attorney Therese Terlaje and instead opted to use her brother's law firm. Senator Ben Pangelinan refused to return any of KUAM's calls, but Acting Speaker Tina Muna Barnes says its under the Resolution 312's purview.

"Well the resolution stated that if the oversight chair of appropriations and public debt which is former speaker Ben Pangelinan wanted to seek legal assistance then that legal authority was given to him in the Resolution 312 and of course in this august body if the majority gives that authorization then that resolution should move forward," she said.

The acting speaker says she'll wait to comment further until the court has made a decision. She does however say the funding for legal assistance will come from Pangelinan's appropriations committee. The status hearing is set for Wednesday morning at 9:30 in Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena's courtroom.

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