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AG lends support to Vulnerable Victims Act of 2014

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - The Attorney General's Office is in full support of the Vulnerable Victims Act of 2014.  Chief prosecutor Basil O'Mallan says the office worked with Senator Brant McCreadie to develop the measure that would impose sentencing enhancements for those predators who target the most vulnerable in our community.

"When you target as a predator these certain groups of individuals, we want to make sure that we come down a little bit harder on them because of their mindset of taking advantage of these very vulnerable victims is just very upsetting," he told KUAM News.

The legislation would impose a mandatory sentence of at least five years for a felony conviction and a 60 day sentence for a petty misdemeanor conviction for crimes committed against the island's elderly, children, individuals with disabilities and tourists.

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