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More bills vetoed

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Several other bills also were vetoed by the governor. They include Vice Speaker Cruz's in-house counsel bill. The legislation would have required government and autonomous agencies to hire a classified in-house attorney. Outside counsel would only be permitted only after certification requirements are met.    Several bills by Senator Ben Pangelinan were also vetoed including Bill 258. The measure was introduced after the CoreTech controversy over Tiyan. The bill mandated legislative authorization and appropriation for GovGuam to purchase, lease to own or lease purchase real property. It would also limit the agreements from 50 years to the term of the sitting governor.

And finally at the urging of the Chamber, the governor also vetoed the Guam Tropical Energy Code Bill. As we reported Senator Tom Ada along with the Guam Building Council were shocked to hear the Chamber chairman Peter Sgro urging Calvo to veto the bill, because in a recent meeting Sgro indicated his support.  Despite their assertion, Sgro maintains the meeting didn't happen. 

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