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Superintendent up for performance evaluation

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by Krystal Paco

Guam - Department of Education superintendent Jon Fernandez is leading by example. Earlier this week, Fernandez was subject to a performance evaluation by members of the Guam Education Board.

"I think it's very important that we have performance evaluations for everybody in our department and it starts with me," he shared with KUAM News. "We took some time to compile evidence over the past year let them know what kind of progress we've made, I provided them my own self assessment of my progress, what my vision was for the department. What I think we've accomplished in 2013 what I think is an extensive list and the objectives for 2014."

The GEB will compile Fernandez's scores to present at a preliminary evaluation this week.

A final evaluation will be made publicly before the end of the month.

As we've been reporting, Fernandez signed on for a four-year contract at $150,000 a year as the chief of Guam's school system, which includes over 30,000 schoolchildren and 41 schools.

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