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Hearing held for bill offering incentives for electric vehicles

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Legislation aimed at offering incentives for purchasing a plug-in electric vehicle went up for a public hearing this morning. Bill 203 introduced by Senator Chris Duenas would provide Guam residents a $7,500 rebate through the Guam Energy Office for the purchase of plug-in EVs

Guam Energy Office director Pete Calvo testified in support of Bill 203, saying it recognizes the logic of EV benefits on Guam's roadways and the conservation and environmental impact EVs promote. "Reducing the amount of petroleum-powered vehicles on our roads reduces Guam's carbon emissions on our environment promoting a green Guam and reflects our commitment as a government to protect our land, air and sea," he said.

Calvo says GEO supports the timeframe and rebate amount offered, but recommends a household income eligibility requirement to assure an initial success for longer-term results. Atkin's Kroll's Sammy Sotelo meanwhile supported the measure offering recommendations to incorporate hybrid vehicle. Nissan Motorcorp Guam's Phillip Gerling however says the intent is commendable in recognizing the use of new technology but found that incentives should not include other technology such as alternative fossil fuel adding the incentive aspect could be approached in a more direct way.

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