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Decision made to reprimand DepCor officers

by Jolene Toves

Guam - Department of Corrections director Jose San Agustin has made his decision when it comes to the actions to be taken against several of his correctional officers.  It was last year we brought to the attention of the DOC director what was happening behind his prison walls sparking an investigation into videos and photographs that we presented before him now the investigation is finally over and action will be taken against the officers in question.

As of today the director has issued final adverse action for three correctional officers according to DepCor spokesperson Jeff Limo they were served their notices this morning. "The two officer that were involved with the escape of local detainee Keith Garrido have been placed on thirty-day suspension," he said.

According to Limo the two officers have been relieved of transport. Duty and reassigned to the Hagatna Detention Facility Platoon Watch, this is just one of several actions DOC director San Agustin has taken against his employees. The officer that was caught on tape receiving a foot massage, sleeping and allowing an maximum security inmate to use a cell phone also received final adverse action. "The officer that was involved in the foot massage was also served final adverse action today and was dismissed from his duty as a correctional officer two," he said.

As for the DepCor band members their playing days are over.  "That investigation is also completed director will be issuing a general reprimand to all the employees that were involved in the band playing incident and again a general reprimand will remain in the file jacket for a year," he said.

While these cases have been marked closed the case involving a Hagatna Detention Facility officer caught smoking on the premises has not reached its end, "That case is still with my office at this point we are not completed with that investigation but we are on top of that."

While a handful of correctional officers have brought unwanted attention to the facility Limo says for the most part DepCor officers carry out their duties and responsibilities meeting the expectations to follow the laws both in and out of the facility, but warns that any violations to rules and regulations will be taken under advisement and treated fair and impartially.

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