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Calvo, Paulino meet troops in Mississippi

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - While they were here to welcome the first wave of soldiers from the Guam National Guard, Governor Eddie Calvo and Adjutant General Benny Paulino are now in Camp Shelby, Mississippi to greet and salute the remaining soldiers.

The two arrived to Mississippi just today and are expressing their appreciation for their service.

Paulino said, "They know that this long journey is going to come to an end pretty soon so the anticipation of coming home the joy the exhilaration that's all setting in so the morale is really, really high so it's a wonderful atmosphere over here."

Calvo added, "The best Christmas present that the people of Guam could ever receive is our heroes return so we saw them return last night with that first wave to come in and now we are here at Camp Shelby prepping these folks these soldiers on their way back to Guam as well."

General Paulino adds that the high morale of soldiers is also attributed to the effort that have been made with the Keep Your Guard Up campaign and the unemployment assistance which has been made available to over 200 returning soldiers. The  \last group of soldiers may arrive by this weekend. 

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