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No word yet on action against corrections officer

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - While today was the ten-day deadline for Department of Corrections director Jose San Agustin to make a final decision on what action he will take against three of his officers as of news time today he was unavailable for comment.

As we reported about a week ago he issued proposed notices of adverse actions against two officers who were working at the time accused murderer Keith Garrido escaped from their custody during a transport to court. DOC said he escaped by picking his lock and managed to jump out a van that didn't have locking mechanisms. During his escape he bound and beat a woman.

As for the third officer, he was served a notice of proposed adverse action because he was receiving a foot massage from a maximum security inmate. This was also the same officer who was sleeping next to an inmate who was looking at a cell phone. 

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