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Public schools vulnerable to breakins over holiday break

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by Krystal Paco

Guam - It appears Department of Education schools will be vulnerable to breakins over the Christmas Break.

This follows little action to move forward with the Secure Our Schools Act of 2013 which provides funding for the procurement of surveillance equipment.

At a recent Guam Education Board meeting, DOE superintendent Jon Fernandez says this is a result of miscommunication as to what party is responsible for determining each school's security needs.

"I think part of the communication issues have really been around whether or not we are equipped internally with our school staff our safety officer to determine the types of cameras the types of alarms, the quantity that goes into each school," he said.

As we previously reported, it was one and done as General Services Agency and DOE attempted to visit all DOE schools to determine surveillance needs. But after one visit to Jose Rios Middle School in Piti, both parties agreed it was too big a task to cover all 40 schools.

DOE has since submitted risk assessments and site maps to GSA.

Fernandez says he is looking to work with GSA and committee chair on education Speaker Judi Won Pat to address the situation.

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