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Guam marksmen have strong showing at world qualifiers

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - Some of our local shooters competed in the 2013 IPSC World Shoot Qualifier match, held this past week in the Philippines. Guam's Shooters competed in a field of more than 400 shooters, and finished very respectfully in the Top 25% , all earning a place in the 2014 World shoot to be held in Titusville Florida , in October 2014

Dennis Larsen, finished 78th overall and 8th place in the international Open Division with 472 match points earned. Jeff Nelsen, finished 84th overall and 11th place in the International Open Division with 408 match points earned. Stan Wilson finished 85th overall and 12th place in the International Open Division with 368 match points earned.

Dennis Larsen, GSSF President, said, "Our next match is going to be in Titusville Florida in March and that is going to be the Unites States Steel Championships. After that the World Shoot which is considered the Super Bowl of the sports shooting world is going to be held at the same range in Florida in October of 2014 so the hundreds of thousands of rounds that we shoot all year long kind of lead up to the super bowl in trying to represent Guam real good. We are very fortunate out here in Guam that we get 5 slots for the World Shoot and that's the same like a country such as Italy for instance that out of thousands of shooters that compete for those 5 slots. A little island like Guam gets the same 5 slots because we are international members of IPSC, we are very fortunate and blessed to be able to go to these matches and represent Guam."

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