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See how much power you're using online

by Jolene Toves

Guam - Knowledge is power and if you have a smart meter the Guam Power Authority has a new online tracking system called My Energy (, which allows GPA residential customers to monitor how much power they use.

GPA spokesperson Art Perez said, "With this tool they can see their consumption and then make decisions on how to better manage their utility costs by knowing what's on and turning things on or maybe dispatching appliances but they will have the information on which to make an informed decision on how to better manage those costs."

The My Energy portal puts power into your hands showing you your power consumption throughout the day for a 30-day period as well as allow you to view your power history up to two months back. "It doesn't pin point exactly what appliances are being utilized in the home but it does show you the gross consumption of what is being used in your home in terms of power usage for that particular hour," he said.

The site also allows you to set up different alert notices and will eventually allow for email alerts.

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