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Jury watches video of armed robbery

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - The trial of a man who is charged in two separate armed robberies began today as prosecutors began building their case against him while the defense contends police got the wrong man.

Dressed in a long-sleeved striped button-up shirt, Anthony Campos sat down next to his defense attorney today listening as prosecutor Gerald Henderson told jurors that four women identified Campos as the man who robbed them at gunpoint in two separate incidents.  Henderson told jurors that the victims came face to face with Campos and each was able to identify him in photo lineups.

Campos faces four 2nd degree robbery charges.  On October 1, he and two other unidentified men allegedly approached several people as they got off from work at the Payless in Sinajana. Three women will testify that a man holding a gun approached them demanding for their purses and fired off a round before fleeing with their belongings. While the suspect's face was partially covered, each of the witnesses reported to police that through the course of the crime, the cloth covering the face began to fall leaving the victims able to identify the perpetrator.

Three days later, Campos allegedly walked into the route 8 mini mart in Barrigada armed with a small, silver handgun. Henderson said another customer who was present at the time of the crime as well as the cashier both positively identified Campos as the man who robbed the store.  The cashier took the stand today, visibly shaken and still traumatized from the events that occurred on October 4.  She testified that a customer had just purchased cigarettes and remained in the store when a man she later identified as Campos entered holding a gun and demanded she open the cash register.  The 45-year-old woman said she was so nervous and shaking so much that she was unable to open the register. 

That's when she says Campos shot the gun at the counter and then grabbed the register and the cash inside and walked out.

Jurors were able to watch the surveillance footage of the entire robbery. Another worker testified that she never saw Campos, but heard someone yelling at her coworker, telling her to open the register.  She ran upstairs and called police.

Defense attorney Brian Kegerreis told jurors they won't be able to return a guilty verdict because his client couldn't be in two places at once.  He said, "Campos was nowhere to be found that night.  He was at home, eating, at a barbeque with friends, sleeping with his wife and children.  He isn't a superhero."  Kegerreis asked jurors to listen to the testimony carefully but also to keep a few questions in the back of their minds during the trial such as what police didn't do and what they didn't investigate.  He says the million-dollar question is: who committed these two robberies?

The jury trial resumes on Tuesday, as Monday is a Government of Guam holiday. 

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