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Governor vetoes handful of bills

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - While Governor Eddie Calvo recently signed over two dozen bills into law, he did veto a handful of others. Among the measures vetoed include Bill 94 relative to prompt payment requirements for health care and health insurance requirements; Bill 116 relative to the establishment of operational continuity plans for each agency of GovGuam; Bill 194 establishing the Guam Intrastate Securities Exchange; Bill 200 relative to police clearances and bill 205 providing shipping companies a tax credit in exchange for carrying Guam grown and manufactured agricultural products for export.

Go to to read all the vetoed bills.

Senator Rory Respicio meanwhile issued a release responding to the veto saying Governor Calvo has "clearly chosen to side with health insurers and the government rather than the people who actually provide health care to patients namely doctors, pharmacies, clinics and hospital. Most of these health care providers are small businesses and cannot afford delays in receiving their payments, unlike multi-million dollar health insurance companies and the government."

Respicio further states that health insurance companies already benefit from what is effectively a prompt payment system and if they are not promptly paid their premiums then they promptly suspect coverage for patients. 

"The Governor's position is not fair," Respicio says. "It undermines the interests of the doctors and institutions that we count on to provide quality health care for working families."  

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