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More corrections officers accused of breaking the rules

by Jolene Toves

Guam - Yet more pictures have surfaced out of the Department of Corrections of yet more officers accused of breaking the rules.

"There's a lot of dirty business going on in this department that needs to revealed," stated Eric Santos. The former DepCor officer came forward during last Friday's oversight hearing, testifying about a climate of corruption. To back it up, he submitted pictures and documents to Senator Brant McCreadie's office.

"These are different types of infractions with Department of Corrections officers, I can tell you right now that smoking is prohibited it's a self mandate by the prison and the prison director I know it is also contraband to anybody having cigarettes in the prison and that is one of the infractions on the picture where you see a department of corrections officer smoking a cigarette," he said.

Smoking has been prohibited on the facility since 2005. These latest pictures follows these videos and pictures KUAM received and turned into DOC director Jose San Agustin last week. First a video of a maximum security inmate giving a foot massage to an corrections officer, another video of several DOC officers in their uniforms in the chapel singing and playing instruments that are typically used by inmates during their church services.

And then there's pictures KUAM also received of a maximum security inmate sitting next to an officer holding and looking at a cell phone. In one picture the DOC officer is awake, the other he's sleeping. During Friday's oversight hearing DOC director San Agustin defended overworked staff and took full responsibility for the deficiencies at his agency including the recent escape of an accused murder who beat and bound a woman during his moment of freedom.

Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has oversight over the Department of Corrections he says he has several concerns, saying, "They are in dire straits of or some kind of inept management that it doesn't matter whether or not there is a state of emergency. If they are really under staffed then they need to do something about immediately filling the vacancies especially their SOPs going to mean that there s a follow car to every van to make sure their prisoners don't escape."

Meanwhile, Senator McCreadie says with the additional pictures he's received - at this time he will not be requesting for an additional oversight.  "Obviously he said they are not in a state of emergency but I am going to ask him  three days after the oversight to call a complete reform of his institution his policies his procedures and protocol when it comes to addressing problems," he said.

Meanwhile DOC has 10 days to respond to the committees questions which were left unanswered at the oversight, at which time the additional photos may be addressed.

As of last week a ban has been placed on cellphones to include DepCor officers and civilian staff with the exception of supervisors and division heads.

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