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Concern by GLUC over six-story project in Tamuning

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - After initially discussing the matter in late July, the Guam Land Use Commission once again heard from Can Pacific over its zone variance request for height to construct a six-story, 36-unit multi-family structure in Tamuning. The proposed project is located next to Shirley's Restaurant on Lagoon Drive.

Just as residents opposed the project over safety concerns, traffic and sewage issues over the past few months, so did Tamuning vice mayor Kenneth Santos. He said, "Because we are here for our residents, she says we are opposing it until we meet where everyone will be happy. Concerning that road, you have to remember that's the main road to the hospital, so we do get a lot of emergency vehicles using that road, the last thing we need is even more congestion than it is right now."

The commission ultimately refrained from taking any action and asked the developer to meet with the Tamuning Municipal Planning Council and DPW's Highway Division to further discuss the traffic concerns. Discussion will continue on the matter during the GLUC's December meeting.

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