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Shocking video shows DOC guard getting footrub from inmate

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Shocking video and pictures from inside the Department of Corrections. Over the past several months we've brought you the stories about DOC such as a hole that was discovered in the perimeter fence. Officers that tested positive for crystal meth and others who were accused of tasering inmates.

And of course the most recent incident about accused murderer Keith Garrido who managed to escape from a prison transport vehicle that didn't even have proper locking mechanisms. While this prisoner was on the loose he bound and beat a woman inside her home.

Tonight - more disturbing news out of DOC as videos and pictures we provided to the director on Wednesday has prompted an internal affairs investigation.

It's called Post 6 or the Maximum Security Unit at the Department of Corrections but video shows an officer with an inmate engaging in behavior that is against department policies.

You can clearly see a Maximum Security Inmate giving a foot massage to a corrections officer. KUAM showed the video to Department of Corrections director Jose San Agustin who was caught completely off guard. "I see an inmate in front of an officer. The inmate looks like a plastic bag...oh I got you. It's not acceptable at all. If you ask me that's personal servitude. That's having a prisoner doing something illegal, inappropriate to a staff. That's not good," he said.

Also not good these pictures sent to KUAM anonymously of a DOC officer sitting next to a maximum security inmate holding and looking at a cell phone. The next picture the same inmate but this time the same officer appears to be asleep.

"I would ask that you provide me this information and let me do an investigation let me do what I gotta do," he said.

KUAM agreed to provide the pictures and the foot massage video to San Agustin - and we threw in another one. In this video you can see several DOC officers playing instruments and singing. Does DOC have a band?

"This obviously was taken up in the chapel.  The band? DOC doesn't have a band but there are equipment up there band type of equipment and those are actually for church services" said San Agustin.

Its' not clear whether they were in fact on duty but it is something San Agustin plans to find out.

"Bbut this particular one I would want to take a look into okay? Just because yes we're short of personnel but they shouldn't have been doing that when they were on duty," he said. "Now if it's something that they clocked out and they decided to do some rehearsal and do some relaxation that's fine but if they're doing that, while they're clocked in-not good."

Despite the pictures and videos San Agustin maintains that doc is a good department and there area lot of good officers. "Do we have folks that are a problem absolutely. Is it taking us more time to resolve or find those individuals that are not team players it is."

"Are these things acceptable? No they're not and right now I'm infuriated. But I'm a professional and I will take this for what its worth and do the right thing for the people and this government," he said.

"This here is strong evidence that there's been a violation, a big violation. This is bad. This is embarrassment for me. It's bad."

San Agustin has since launched yet an internal affairs investigation

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