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Port management concerned about gantry crane maintenance

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Port Authority management brought up concerns to its board today over the maintenance of its gantry three crane and the costs to keep it online.

Management had relayed that it costs over $5 million in the past three years for the maintenance of gantry three and that for the amount of its usage, it's simply not worth it.

Board member Mike Benito agreed with management that taking Gantry 3 offline was a financially practical decision considering the three pola cranes the Port has now are sufficient enough to handle the port's current load and any increased load from the military buildup. "So it makes financial sense, we can handle the load, that's what would be the major concern if we could not handle the load, but we can so this crane and I thought so from the beginning, It's unnecessary, it's expensive, it's good, it's done its work there's no doubt about it," he said.

No action was taken today but management hoped for a final decision by June of next year.

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