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Port board approves Master Plan Report update

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - As a result of the re-set of the military buildup on Guam, the Port Authority board of directors approved a resolution of the Port's 2013 Master Plan Report update.

According to general manager Joanne Brown, the original master plan was created back in 2007 and without the extent of the buildup originally anticipated, the port has had to downscale the master plan in terms of what resources and finances are available.

"Obviously the level of growth that was originally noted is not there today, of course we're moving forward with expanding our break bulk yard, we're moving forward with the 4.6 acre expansion to our yard, we're building a new gate house, we're certainly working on our electronic tracking and security capabilities here at the port and all those things are removing forward very much," she said.

She says significant expansion continues to take place for port operations to not only accommodate military growth but organic growth in the community as well. The approved resolution of the update report will then be forwarded to the director of bureau of statistics and plans to initiate the public review process as stipulated under Guam law.

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