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Dededo family seeks help finding 56-year-old Joey Asuncion

by Jolene Toves

Guam - A search is underway to find a man who has been missing since Tuesday from Dededo.

56-year-old Joey Asuncion was last seen by his family on Tuesday afternoon at their family home in Dededo where he resides with his mother, Hildegard Asuncion. "It was lunchtime he left and didn't come back so I keep waiting I cooked and everything waiting for him to come home but he didn't come home," she said.

A day later his car was found parked near the family ranch along NCS Road which didn't make sense to his family members. "He (joey's brother) saw the car standing there and he thought my son is inside so he waived and give him a signal that he's coming back and then they talk but when he got back nobody in the car and the car door on the passenger's side was not locked," she said.

Even more baffling is that Joey's medication and car keys were left in the vehicle which his family says is not like him as he would always hook his keys to his trousers. Discovering this, the family searched the area but Joey was no were to be found. "The way is see it he was kind of depressed for awhile so maybe he figures that why he go to the place where my brother in law has a ranch there," she said. "But he hardly been really saying anything he's not been talking much."

GPD was contacted and a report was filed on Thursday. According to his mother GPD and K-9 search and rescue are canvassing the area where his vehicle was found.

Concerned with his safety his family is seeking the communities help to locate him. "He has a lot of problems he has with the liver and the heart problem and lately his knee has been swollen and hurting him," she said.

Joey stands 5'1" tall, has a slender build, a fair complexion with brown eyes, clean cut hair and a tattoo on his arm of his name and a German sword. If you have any information please contact Crimestoppers at 477-HELP (4357). 

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