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AK partners with MMA athletes to combat bullying

by Jolene Toves

Guam - Putting an end to bullying, Guam's top MMA athletes from Spike 22 have joined forces with Atkins Kroll Toyota to provide an anti bullying campaign with Kyle Agoun, Ryan Bigler and Joey Lopez. Spike 22 founder Melchor Manibusan said, "We will tell we will give you apple to zucchinis one to tenon how we might be able to just walk away from it avoid that situation or scrap out of the situation not to just stay and scrap and get mixed up in it its how to get out into a free safe zone call 911."

Whether you are big or small, short or tall, the seminar will empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to walk away or defend yourself during a confrontational bullying incident. AK will also be hosting a mini car show and the 2014 Scion unveiling event for a chance to see and buy the 2014 Scion XB that has been customized with the Spike 22 brand.

AK sales manager Sammy Sotelo said, "The collaboration between Scion and Spike is targeted to a certain lifestyle and its brand marketing and especially with Spike 22 being a jiu jitsu place to go and learn and how to protect yourself and Scion being a brand for the youth. It's all about personalization."

The event is scheduled for November 9 at the AK Scion Showroom from 3 to 7 pm.

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