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GMA invites Barnes to discuss medicinal marijuana bill

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - It was over the weekend when the Guam Medical Association stated its opposition over Senator Tina Muna Barnes' Bill 215 aimed at legalizing medicinal marijuana.  Now the largest association of professional health care providers on Guam has since invited Barnes along with co-sponsor Senator Aline Yamashita to a special meeting next week to have a "productive discussion" on the measure and to "help improve the quality of care on Guam based on sound evidence based medicine."

Senator Barnes' office tells KUAM they will be sending a response to the GMA thanking them for the invite but will not be attending as she would like to stick to the process in place that goes with any bill introduced which is a public hearing. Senator Yamashita meanwhile will be off-island during the meeting. \

When the public hearing is set, Barnes invites the GMA along with the Guam Medical Society, lawyers, the AG's Office and the general public to attend. They add there should be no special treatment for any group adding every member of the public's opinion is just as important.

Barnes's office adds they are working with the Committee on Health to set a public hearing date as its dependent on session which is currently ongoing for the next two weeks.

The members only event is set for November 7 at the Hyatt at 6pm.

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