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Man arrested for attempting to make crystal meth

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Admitting that he couldn't afford the real thing, Lorin Agustin was arrested by police over the weekend, found in possession of items to try and manufacture it himself.  Agustin and another man were caught near the toys tavern parking lot and police found Agustin in possession of a black backpack that contained crystal meth, a glass pipe and several items believed to be used to manufacture the drug Ice. 

According to court documents, Agustin first denied possessing any drugs and then later admitted to cooking and manufacturing it because he couldn't afford to purchase it.  He told police that he tried several times but failed because he didn't have the right ingredients and tried to substitute it with other items. 

Agustin was charged with attempted manufacturing of a Scheduled II Controlled Substance and possession of a Scheduled II Controlled Substance.

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