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GFD EMT's are getting nationally certified


For the first time, the Guam Fire Department's Emergency Medical Technicians will soon be nationally certified. GFD Captain Darren Burrier says the Guam Community College sponsors the training in coordination with the office of EMS.  The certification and training puts GFD personnel at a level of any EMT in the nation.
"As a fire department we embrace that because it gives our guys better credentialing in the field and it helps them do their jobs a lot better. The national registry EMT certification is a certification that they meet the minimum requirements of the training. In order to practice as an EMT they must fill out the application and present all the documents the state EMS office gives that include the national registry EMT certification now" Burrier elaborated.
Upon completion of the training, the personnel are required to obtain authorization to take the test that is administered by the Pierson Vue Center. Burrier says every two years personnel must be recertified by obtaining continuing education units via courses that are either held locally by the office of EMS programs or various free courses offered online. The current fire cycle will be the first to receive the national registry certification during a fire academy.  

Burrier meanwhile owns a private EMT training company but receives no compensation from the government for teaching the courses for the fire department.


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