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Farmers in need of seed money


Although the island was spared from a typhoon, island farmers and their crops still felt the blow of heavy winds and rains.

According to Department of Agriculture director Maratita Taitague, the island's recent weather has devastated crops.

From bananas, to cucumber, longbeans and cherry tomatoes, she reports a total of 500-thousand dollars in assessed damages islandwide. Over the weekend, farmers met with Governor Eddie Calvo seeking financial relief.
"Seed money just to help them start with their fertilizer, the seeds, and maybe some of their irrigation systems are out of place because of the rain and the flooding of the rows it destroyed some of their irrigation" Taitague explained.
 Taitague tells KUAM although farmers may get some federal aid through the USDA, many opted out of farm insurance because they couldn't afford the premiums.


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