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Tire-shredder pilot project to take off

by Krystal Paco

Guam - You've seen them pile high, maybe on the side of the road or dumped illegally in our jungles, but Guam's waste tires will soon be a hot commodity. This follows news from Guam Environmental Protection Agency administrator Eric Palacios who says the Guam EPA board are set to approve guidelines for a tire-shredder on island to address Guam's waste tire problem.

"The beauty of it is that the market is very viable for shredded tires unlike baled or regular tires where we are almost at the mercy at whichever country is willing to accept it," he said.

As we reported, Guam's waste tires have piled up over the last year due to a changing market that now demands shredded or chipped  tires that are used in rubberized asphalt and fuel for power generation. Recently, Guahan Waste Control, doing business as Mr. Rubbishman, was approved to set up a state of the art tire recycling operation in Harmon to include the purchase of a high-speed shredder.

Palacios says if the board approves guidelines soon, the pilot project could take flight in about six months.

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