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Financial disclosure forms for all 300 public officials collected

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - As part of the requirement to ensure that public officials are accountable, the Guam Election Commission is now in possession of the financial disclosure reports of close to 300 elected and public officials on Guam.

Executive director Maria Pangelinan says 59 of the 300 public officials who filed an extension in April submitted their FDS on time this week. "We are the official repository and our job is to make sure that there are no glaring defects in their reports, and then on top of that we need to ensure that the reports are ready and available for public review," she said.

Some of the notable reports including Governor Eddie Calvo who reported total assets of $1.5 million with $1.3 million in liabilities, Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio with $1.1 million in assets and $40,000 in liabilities. As for the Guam Legislature, freshman senator Michael Limtiaco reports the most with total assets at $1.6 million following by Senator Tom Ada with $1.2 million in total assets.

You can view all the reports by visiting the Guam Election Commission at the GCIC Building.

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