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McNinch: expect interesting election in 2014

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - It's going to be an interesting election cycle come 2014, that's according to political analyst Ron McNinch who spoke before the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay this afternoon. McNinch says the gubernatorial race will be interesting to watch considering that Governor Eddie Calvo is scoring higher than past governors at this stage between 51-55% positive rating.

He said, "Part of the reason for that is the education policy areas and the health care policy areas no longer involve the governor so the governor doesn't get a lot of criticism for those unlike other governors. Another thing is next year in November 2014, there's a five day long weekend that's really going to affect the elections and that's really going to affect how the elections going to play out."

He adds Calvo has remained largely true to his promises regarding tax refunds and a business-like value of accountability for the government. As for the Legislature, he says most Democrats have dominated the Legislature because for the past 11 years, a Republican has dominated Adelup and many Republican talents are pulled into the Executive Branch. He says one of the positive moves the legislature can do is to return to 21 senators.



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