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Guam Safe Cycling Initiative launched

by Jolene Toves

Guam - Guam's road ways will have new signs to keep cyclists safe and remind motorists to be aware that they are sharing the roads.

Bicycle riding isn't just for children. Cycling for competition, exercise, leisure or as a primary mode of transportation is growing and for good reason, whether it is enjoying nature or battling the ever rising cost of gas, more and more island residents are taking to pedaling down the roads of Guam.

Setting the wheels in motion to keep them safe is the Guam Safe Cycling Initiative, as I Bike Federation, Ben Ferguson said, "Research that we conducted told us that one of the most effective ways to raise awareness is through signage."

A three phase approach, phase one of the initiative will focus on educating drivers on the meanings of the various signs and markings such as arrows to be placed along bike routes, these markings will serve as a reminder to Guam drivers that they share the roads with cyclists.

"Through signage and public service announcements we hope to reach out to some of the driving centers have them put some questions on the exam talking about cycling and talk about what to do when you see a cyclist," he said.

Guam cycling law requires that all cyclist wear a helmet, have reflectors or wear reflective material during evening hours and passengers be properly restrained in we reported earlier this year, a man died after his bicycle collided with an SUV in Ordot to help deter these incidents from happening GPD will be enforcing the Guam Cycling Law. GPD Major Leon Ryan said, "We need to educate everyone even officers about the new law and of course we don't have to worry about citing anyone for now but eventually we will be there issuing out tickets."

For now it is important for motorists to know that while you will be sharing the road ways with cyclists there will be no bike lanes or changes in traffic patterns instead drivers must be aware of signs indicating bicycle routes. 

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