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Mike Duay ready to compete in bodybuilding event

by Dave Delgado

Guam - Mike Duay will be competing this weekend in the Michelob Ultra Bodybuilding Championships at the Leo Palace Resort. Mike has been training around the clock for the event making his final adjustments as the competition nears.

The bodybuilding competitor said, "As the competition nears we get our practice down for our posing to make sure we hit those poses right on stage. Because it is kind of useless to build all that muscle and not be able to show case it on stage so that's pretty much the last minute things we do is the posing. Just little adjustments, we go by how I look going towards the competition so it's up to Tony Morrison. He will advise me on what to take out such as cardio or my meals, what to replace in my meals. Minor things to adjust on how I look."

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