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Criminal Justice Strike Force puts criminals behind bars

by Jolene Toves

Guam - A new task force has been formed to help clear up the streets of Guam and put criminals behind bars.

Criminals, beware - the Criminal Justice Strike Force is coming to get you! Rounding up unwanted individuals. They are on a mission to take back the streets of Guam, as GPD chief Fred Bordallo said, "They can strike from any direction and that the purpose also why we call them the Criminal Justice Task Force, you won't know but they will be striking in any type of direction from where the criminal activity could possibly be happening at."

Launched a week ago, they are off to a good start, apprehending five individuals involved in a car theft. Under the direction of Sergeant Major Randy Aguon, the CJSF responded to a 2002 white Suzuki being stolen from The Boat Shop in Hagatna just after 6 pm last night. It was not long before officers located the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of Whats Up Store in Barrigada. The stolen vehicle reversed into a police official.

The strike force apprehended three of the five individuals occupying the vehicle.

Meanwhile two of the occupants managed to slip away briefly fleeing on foot before a search of the area led to their arrest. Upon recovery of the vehicle contraband was discovered and confiscated. The five suspects have been identified as Ti Dasi, Lastwell Biskek, Sury Mazawa, Danny Chienee, and Peter Boose.

The unit will be working with the Criminal Investigation Division and Operation Dragon to suppress crime. "They are out there for crime suppression they are roving and patrolling and they are using a variety of different type of vehicles," the chief continued. "They add that extra advantage or leverage that task force and their stealth mode to catch some of these perpetrators surprise they did not know that there was an unmarked unit there to catch them," he said.

The task force is comprised of GPD officers, Judiciary and DOC personnel who are a part of the Civilian Police Reserves who have undergone special weapons and tactics training.  "The selection by Sergeant Major Aguon, the individuals selected have proven themselves demonstrated, they understand use of force procedure and bring benefit to the task force," Bordallo said.

Vigilance is key. While GPD is doing their part to take back the streets residents are reminded that they play a big role in keeping our community safe, if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood contact Crimestoppers at 477-HELP (4357). 

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