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Aguon's bill favored at public hearing

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Two measures aimed at finally implementing the Women's Reproductive Health Information Act of 2012 went up for a public hearing today. Bill 191 introduced by Senator Frank Aguon Jr. and Bill 193 introduced by Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. both seek to eliminate the need to subject printed materials that would be provided to patients from having to go through this administrative adjudication process.

Public Health director Jim Gillan and The Esperanza Project's Tim Rohr supported Bill 193 over Bill 191. "And the reason for not support Senator Aguon's Bill is really because it does away with the entire section which means that affective on enactment I would be required to publish and distribute the materials, we still have some considerations with the artist who has done the graphic work on licensing for those drawings," said Gillan.

Rohr added, "We support Bill 193 simply because we still believe it is right and good for the director of the department to have control over the printed materials to approve them, whereas Bill 191 would eliminate that requirement."

Rohr adds The Esperanza Project has assumed the responsibility of acquiring the copyright and assembled the printing materials which it is willing to turn over to Public Health to finally implement the law.

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