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Couple celebrates 63-year love affair

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - It's a milestone many wish to accomplish, as an event that started 63 years ago about high school sweethearts named Ben and Susie.  

Ben said, "The gentleman asked you, how much is the love coming from you to me." Susie responded with, "More than you love me...I love you more than you love me."

And after 63 years of marriage, Vicente Gogue and Jesusa Reyes Arceo can still crack jokes about the love they've built since meeting in the fourth grade. Ben and Susie, as most know them by, met in elementary school and eventually became high school sweethearts after he asked her to the junior prom. They sealed the deal in holy matrimony on September 16, 1950 shortly before he was sent to serve in the Korean War. "And it went for two years in the Korean War and the Army and when he came back, we start a family," Susie said.

Ben and Susie and their 11 children eventually relocated to California where they were very active in the St. Victor's Church in San Jose continuing their lifelong commitment to the Catholic faith. In fact, Ben says he believes meeting Susie and staying together for so long was part of God's plan. Ben said, "I love her because I don't know, God gave me the thinking that she is the right person for me and I accepted it and I love everything that she do."

Ben and Susie meanwhile have enjoyed dancing through life, singing to each other and seeing who wins at bingo's the combination of such activities they say is the recipe to their longevity. "We have time to have fun," said Susie.

And just as they celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary this week, Ben and Susie share the secret to not only marriage but any relationship. "I advise them to just try to understand each other, trust each other, you know that's the priority part of a couple," she said. 

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