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Apple releases iOS7 for devices

by Ken San Nicolas


Tired of the same operating system on your ipad of iphone? Well worry not, as Apple has released its latest operating system for its portable devices - iOS 7.

The system will already be preinstalled on new iPhone 5s and 5c models but owners of older devices can download them already. But is it worth upgrading?

There are many aesthetic changes that come with iOS 7, including transparency, animations, new typography as well as new features.
Some of the more notable features include:
- a control center that provides easy access to basic settings
- a revised notification center that includes calendar schedules and weather forecasts
- new camera options and filters
- airdrop, an app that facilitates file transfers when using the icloud
- an updated siri voice-search which includes an option for a male voice

Keep in mind that iOS 7 may not work on older devices like the iPhone 3. Additionally, many services like airdrop won't work on items like the iPhone4 or the iPad3 and older generations.
Also, older devices are often slower than the newer generation items and thus, users can experience performance issues when upgrading to the new OS.

If you own one of these older devices, there is really no downside to upgrading. You wouldn't have access to many of the new features anyway, so there is no point in upgrading for an aesthetic appeal that may hinder performance. However, future apps will probably be meant to be iOS 7 compatible. Thus, in order to keep on track with the newer apps, updating to iOS 7 may be a long term necessity. But if that is the case, it is probably time to buy a new Apple device anyway.



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