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Veterans Cemetery Groundbreaking in 3 weeks

GUAM - Talks of the Veteran's Cemetery expanding and improving current grave sites have been on the table for some time now and with Wednesday's announcement of funding being approved for the cemetery was a relief according to Director John Unpingco.
"At the beginning of the one year point, Tom Peculate, our point of contact said 'this is going to go by fast' and I didn't know how fast he meant you know until the year is up and we are here now so to get to this point has been quite nerve racking" Unpingco confessed.
The funding will allow veterans affairs to award two contracts -- the first to Asanuma for 3.2 million dollars to add 1,000 column burials and 1,000 ground burials. The second contract totaling 160 thousand will be awarded to Pearl Construction Environmental Service for improvement to existing headstones in which 2,000 headstones will be raised, realigned, and cleaned along with the rehabilitation of accompanying turf. Unpingco says a groundbreaking ceremony will be held in three weeks. Surviving relatives of veterans buried at the cemetery are reminded to remove all personal mementos from the cemetery grounds. 


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