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Defense files another motion to dismiss in drug case

GUAM - The defense has filed another motion to dismiss or in the alternative, mistrial in the Mateo Sardoma, Rudy Sablan and Maria Edrosa trial that continues in the District Court.

Rudy Sablan argues that testimony presented by co-defendant and cooperating witness Walter Duenas must be stricken. In February 2012, Duenas was interviewed by federal authorities about a meeting he had with Mateo Sardoma Junior and with some others. Duenas did not mention Sablan being present at the meeting until the trial when it began back in July when he testified that Larry Marquez met with him, Sardoma and Sablan. The defense wanted to subpoena Marquez to testify that no such meeting occurred, but were unable to because he was deported.  

The defense argues that Marquez's testimony would have discredited Duenas' testimony but not being able to call him to the stand prejudices Sablan. Sardoma, Sablan and Edrosa are accused of conspiring with others to bring large quantities of crystal methamphetamine and sell it on the island.


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