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Agababa pleads not guilty in murder case

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Alan Agababa walked into Superior Court Judge Alberto Tolentino's court room this afternoon making brief conversation with fellow detainees and acknowledging Judge Tolentino with a good afternoon. While Agababa was represented in court today by a court appointed public defender he told Judge Tolentino he was still in the process of securing an attorney.
"What we are going to do if you do get a lawyer to represent you they'll substitute in we are going to go ahead a take a plea now alright and just go forward. Mr. Agababa the public defender was never excused."
As we reported, the 26-year old was arrested last month accused of murdering his mother, Shelley Bernstein.

Agababa was charged with aggravated murder as a first degree felony. His mother was a flight attendant with United Airlines. According to court documents she was supporting her son because he was in financial distress. Agababa lived with her in her Tamuning apartment.  Prosecutors alleged that he had made inquiries with United Airlines personnel just hours before his mother's murder about her death benefits. Meanwhile at this afternoon's arraignment, Agababa acknowledge receipt of the grand jury indictment and pleaded not guilty to the charges brought before him.
"Mr. Agababa the court record is going to show sir that you are present with your lawyer from the Public Defender's office. You waive a reading of the indictment, you are pleading not guilty to a single charge in this indictment, a request for a jury of twelve and discovery was made those requests are granted."
Agababa is now scheduled to appear for a criminal trial setting on October 15th at 930 am before judge Maria Cenzon.  He is currently being held on one million dollars cash bail.  


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