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Governor wants to use funds to pay for hay study

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Just as lawmakers continue to discuss the Fiscal Year 2014 budget, Governor Eddie Calvo says while its important to fortify the critical core service agencies in the budget, he also hopes lawmakers take into consideration the compensation that GovGuam workers are entitled to.

"Of course, I made it known that I would like to see the hay study implemented and we believe that we have a very viable funding source we saw that with the changes that the appropriations chair made in regards to the provision for tax refunds and we do believe that he is over reserve in fact the main problems over the years is not under providing for tax refunds, it's been overestimations of revenue, but since we've gotten in, we've solved that problem," he said.

Bill 38 as substituted by the Committee on Appropriations, better known as the budget bill, sets aside a provision for income tax refund payments at $129 million, $16 million more than what the governor's budget bill proposed. Calvo says that $16 million could instead be used for the hay study implementation and hopes to see it effectuated as the budget session goes on.

Session will resume Monday at 10am.

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