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DOC director may rescind his proposed policy

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - After a meeting earlier this week with all stakeholders involved Department of Corrections director Jose San Agustin is having second thoughts about his proposed policy that would stop DOC from accepting arrestees who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs until they receive a medical clearance from the Guam Memorial Hospital first.

"So right now, we're looking at the possibility of rescinding the order that I sent out and looking for other ways to ensure that DOC will continue to do its duties efficiently without having to jeopardize the lives of individuals who are brought in our custody the reason why I brought that issue up because it's a concern of mine," he said.

He gave notice of the proposed policy because the Hagatna Lockup does not have medical staff on duty 24-hours a day and therefore cannot treat arrestees who are under the influence who may suffer complications. San Agustin is currently working with the Calvo Administration to find a remedy to the situation and hopes to have the problem resolved within six months.

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