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Man accused of throwing slipper at baby has record

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - It appears a 21-year-old man accused of family violence and child abuse is no stranger to the judicial system, possessing a history of criminal cases related to burglary and aggravated assault, dating back to 2009, serving some time in the Department of Corrections before being paroled in July of 2011 according to his parole officer Ron Santos.

Chris Junior Tedtaotao allegedly threw a slipper to his 1-year-old daughter knocking her to the ground then kicking her causing her to land two feet away. Tedtaotao's attorney Jeff Warfield said in court, "We acknowledge the receipt of the complaint waive formal reading and he pleads not guilty to the charges contained in the complaint he asserts his right to a jury trial of six in this matter."

Despite allegedly being caught on video, Tedtaotao pleaded not guilty to the charges brought before him. "Requests all statutory discovery including police reports all notes witness statements, etc. We are going to assert speedy trial we would ask the court to consider his release with conditions of no contact with the victims in this case," said Warfield.

The prosecutor opposed his release at this time, saying, "He has shown history with other cases a constant non compliance with court orders, he has consistently been arrested and in trouble with the law we believe he will be a danger to the community certainly considering the nature of these charges."

The court was in agreement with the AG's Office and he is being held on $2,000 cash bail. Meanwhile according to his parole officer because Tedtaotao's parole does not end until July 2014 if he was to be released on bail he would immediately be held as a result of these new allegations which violate his parole terms. He adds that pending the outcome of this latest case Tedtaotao's parole may be subject to revocation. Trial setting for Tedtaotao is set for July 24th at 9 am in the Family Violence Court Room. 

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