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Pangelinan disappointed in veto of Bill 138

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Senator Ben Pangelinan may have saw his Bill 138 signed into law but he's disappointed about the line item veto Governor Eddie Calvo made to the measure. The bill originally authorized $2.5 million to the Guam Fisherman's Co-Op for repair and renovations but instead was cut down by half a million dollars.

Pangelinan says in all his years in public service, he's rarely seen a governor line item veto a bill adding that by reducing the amount, it places an unneed obstacle in the way for the Fishermen's Co-Op that may delay the progress for a new and improved facility.

The governor's deputy press secretary Phil Leon Guerrero responds saying the $2 million is what was available as the Fishermen's Co-Op is part of a list of projects from the hot bond list and they want to ensure funds are available for all the projects included. He adds in order to avoid an empty promise, they were only able to spend what was available and can't spend more than we have.

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