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Pangelinan wants new session called

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The drama apparently doesn't end on Bill 19 as Senator Ben Pangelinan is asking Acting Speaker B.J. Cruz to call senators into session to attach an exhibit to Bill 19 before its transmitted to the Governor's Office.

It was Monday when Pangelinan proffered an amendment to the bill that would repeal the authority to license gaming machines once all vendor payments are exhausted for GMH pursuant to a referenced exhibit. that amendment was eventually amended to ban all gaming, limited gaming and gambling devices. Six senators issued a joint release immediately following the bill's passage raising concern saying the referenced exhibit was never attached.

In his letter, Pangelinan says Bill 19 without the attachment of exhibit a renders the bill "non-sensical", adding, "recent confusion regarding the attachment should not be used as an excuse to torpedo the bill."

Bill 19's author Chris Duenas meanwhile says he supports the call for session and should the vice speaker not agree, then requests he wait for some of the senators who are part of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures delegation to return. He further adds he objected to Bill 20 being included into Bill 19 and if the movers of Bill 20 don't stand by their bill, he recommends sending the whole thing back to committee.

Cruz has yet to respond to the call for session but the Legislature's Clerks Office tells KUAM News that Bill 19 was transmitted to the Governor's Office at 3pm today without the exhibit.

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