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GPD Steps up Operation Dragon in Villages

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by Jolene Toves

GPD Steps up Operation Dragon in Villages


GUAM - With crime on the rise, the Guam Police Department is stepping up Operation Dragon. Police spokesperson, officer AJ Balajadia commented, "Operation Dragon which is a suppression unit will operate seven days a week and will consist of off duty officers from regular patrol and if they wanted to volunteer and make some overtime they could."


The idea was generated in response to the Barrigada mayor's neighborhood watch village meetings.


"Now this is specific to Agana precinct at this time but it is not specific to just Barrigada there has been a high rise in crime in the Barrigada area and it kind of sparked that unit to be activated" Balajadia elaborated.


Although sparked by the Barrigada village the unit's patrols will cover several villages. 


"It will be a continuous program throughout the villages in the central area and a gain as soon as the colonel has time to evaluate the effectiveness then he will determine whether or not to carry on" the spokesperson continued.


Balajadia says that if Operation Dragon is effective then the program will be initiated in other precincts. He adds that when a patrol is taken down for a certain case involving robberies or disturbances it creates gaps of uncovered areas allowing a certain amount of criminal activity to creep in such as home invasions and theft because those officers are not patrolling the streets.


"So with this suppression unit they will be filling in that gap and so they will be going around and hopefully deterring crime and catching and possibly even stopping individuals that seems suspicious" Balajadia explained.

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