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GIAA not in support of Bill 137

by Ken Quintanilla

GUAM -The Guam International Airport Authority is not only surprised Vice Speaker BJ Cruz introduced Bill 137 but it does not support the measure. Airport executive manager Chuck Ada tells KUAM that he's most concerned about the custom user fee -- which is currently how the airport receives money from the airlines and how customs and quarantine receives funding for its budget.
"In the customs user fees its breaks down into operational costs which includes the rental leases for the spaces here at the airport and the integrated cargo facility. The way rates are established here at the airport is based on our operational needs so if we were not to charge customs rent then we would technically be charging and including that in arrival fees which the airlines would be technically be paying twice" Ada expressed. 
Bill 137 would essentially waive rent for Guam Customs and Quarantine to have office space at the airport. Vice Speaker BJ Cruz says the bill was an attempt to equalize what is practiced throughout international airports where federal agencies are provided with free space however, Customs and Quarantine is considered a part of the Government of Guam. Ada however says the only federal agency that does not pay rent is customs and border control which is by federal statute adding that the transportation security administration, which also provides services to customers, pays rents to the airport.


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